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Archaeological Site and Website ?

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Your archaeological site on the web means :

icône porte-voix

your research and recent discoveries with your peers and the public.

icône truelle

the public and the donors to archaeological discipline.

icône foule de visiteurs

the number of visitors on your archaeological site.

icône colonne grecque

knowledge and preservation of archaeological heritage.


Websites Design and Production

Website Desinging and Creation Process

  • Interview with the client to determine needs and goals, in person or via Skype
  • Research of similar websites
  • Written Proposal
  • Identification of features
  • Development of website structure (information architecture)
  • Analysis of user experience
  • Design of interface
  • Progamming
  • Online website


  • WordPress
  • WordPress, a free and open source content management system, allows you to add content to the website easily and conveniently. The news release and the contact form allows you to interact with users.

  • Adaptive Design
  • Screen, tablet and smartphone : your website fits all platforms.

  • Social Networks
  • Your site is connected to Facebook or Twitter and thus promotes your visibility on the web.


  • Written Proposal
    • Objectives of the website
    • Customer needs
    • User requirements (features)
    • Design axis
    • Marketing strategies
    • Technical specifications
    • Information architecture
    • Web Processes
    • Schedule and budget
  • User profiles (personas)
  • Low and high fidelity models
  • Interactive prototype
  • Online website
  • Graphic charter
  • Customized procedures manual and training for adding content

Your Role

  • Express your needs and goals
  • Provide content, text and images
  • Punctually validate progress

Additional Services

  • Logo and Icon Design
  • Illustration and Animation
  • Mobile Application

Martin Lessard - Portrait

Martin Lessard holds a Master's degree in Art History (Université Laval), and has many years of professional experience, including animation (production coordinator, storyboardist and assistant director), as an archivist (Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, and Library and Archives Canada, Gatineau) and Consultant Heritage (Ministère de la culture et des communications, Gouvernement du Québec, and Service de la culture, Ville de Québec).

He recently earned a college degree in Interactive Media Production (Cégep Limoilou). This training enabled him to acquire professional skills in planning, designing, programming and producing websites and mobile applications, graphic design, animation and web marketing.

The goal he now seeks to achieve is to combine his experience in enhancing heritage skills with interactive media production. He wants to provide services to cultural organizations to enable them to webcast their activities and achievements.

Examples of Deliverables

Our Clients

What they say

" Martin has done excellent teamwork with us in the development of a website for the archaeological site Habitation Loyola. He is capable of critical thinking and has also a very good sense of aesthetics. "

Réginald Auger
Professor, Université Laval, Québec

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